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Coupled deformation and melt-migration events recording subduction initiation, Dun Mountain ophiolite, New Zealand

Book Chapter
Stewart, E., Newman, J., Tikoff, B., Donnely, S., German, L., Chatzaras, V., Lamb, W.M, Miller, B., and Kruckenberg, S.C.
Geological Society, London, Memoirs January 2019, 49 (1), 93-117, doi: 10.1144/M49.5.
Publication year: 2019

Exploring the western Idaho shear zone using the StraboSpot data system

Book ChapterField Guide
Tikoff, B., Kahn, M.J., Gaschnig, R.M., Michels, Z.D., Davenport, K., Hole, J.A., Stanciu, C.A., Fayon, A.K., and Kruckenberg, S.C.
In: Haugerud, R.A., and Kelsey, H.M., eds., From the Puget Lowland to East of the Cascade Range: Geologic Excursions in the Pacific Northwest: Geological Society of America Field Guide 49, p. 229-254, doi:10.1130/2017.0049(09).
Publication year: 2017

A perspective on the emergence of modern structural geology: Celebrating the feedbacks between historically based and process-based approaches.

Book Chapter
Tikoff, B., Blenkinsop, T., Kruckenberg, S.C., Morgan, S., Newman, J., and Wojtal, S.
In: Bickford, M.E., ed., The Web of Geological Sciences: Advances, Impacts, and Interactions: Geological Society of America Special Paper no. 500, 65-119. doi: 10.1130/2013.2500(03)
Publication year: 2013